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Kerrin - Qiqi Vega Permanent Hair Straightening Treatment

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Permanent results can be applied to hair that is relatively healthy, even if it is dyed, but strong and healthy enough to handle the treatment.

What is Kerrin Qiqi Vega?


A multifunctional, environmentally friendly, highly effective straightening treatment that softens and straightens hair without harsh chemicals and leaves it:

  • Of course

  • Straight

  • Loudly

  • Soft

  • Easily manageable 

Either permanent (renewal when the roots grow) or semi-permanent (Up to 4 months).

Qiqi Vega is designed to respond to and treat all hair types and conditions.




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Our state-of-the-art technology softens our hair with a long-lasting effect without the harmful effect of strong products such as alkaline ingredients, formaldehyde or other aldehyde, which can lead to breakage and damage to the hair.
With the environmentally friendly straightening treatment that softens the hair, we have in our hands an innovative treatment without releasing chemical gases in the space.
The revolutionary  technology without toxic ingredients, contains a unique mixture of amino acids created exclusively by Kerrin - Qiqi, reacting directly with disulfide bonds, transforming them into completely straight, soft, easily manageable and stronger hair.
Kerrin - Qiqi Vega is safe to stay on the hair without time limit.

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Kerrin - Qiqi Vega does not contain formaldehyde or any of its derivatives and is not alkaline (high pH).

Kerrin - Qiqi Vega is a special blend of amino acids developed exclusively by Kerrin - Qiqi.

This mixture penetrates the bark and reshapes its structure in the friendliest way that hair can absorb. The result is straight, manageable and strong hair.


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 Do you want to get the hair of your dreams by doing Qiqi Vega treatment?
Book your appointment! ​​
  • Service application time: 3.5 hours
  • Duration of effect: Permanent or semi-permanent depending on the individual needs of your hair and your desire. 
  • Service value: 250 euros
   Discount policy
  • For a discount on the 1st visit, enter the code '' 20 '' at your appointment to have a -20% discount to get to know our services.  
  • ​ If you are already our customer enter the code '' 15 '' to benefit -15% discount through On Line Booking
  • Student discount -20%   by displaying a 20S student pass at each visit.
  • Discounts are NOT combined with each other, only one discount option is always valid.  


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