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Greek hair donation 

Donate Hair Donate Love 

The first and only
hair donation agency for
children in Greece!


The task of the association is to raise public awareness about hair donation and then to create wigs for children and people who need them (people suffering from cancer, alopecia, etc.) from the donors' hair. We are the only Hair Donation organization for children and people with cancer and alopecia in Greece. The official start of operation and approval of the Articles of Association is in September 2015, while its amendment was completed in May 2019.


The philosophy of the Association is based on selflessness, solidarity and love, for every child, for every human being. We fully accept and support children and adults with financial difficulties, as they wish to be during their hair loss. The wig provision concerns children and adults living in Greece and is given completely free of charge to the recipient. More answers to frequently asked questions about the wig supply process can be found  here . The free wig application form can be found  here . With the motto "When there is love, there is a way" all together, volunteers, donors and hairdressers we created the 1st Hair Donation Organization for children and adults with cancer and alopecia in Greece!

We have reached 10000 donations & thank you from the bottom of my heart
We are pleased to announce that the second hair donation cycle has opened!
In case you want to donate your hair, let us know either through the communication platform on our site , or via a message on our facebook page . There you will be given more information about sending them. 
Thank you for your patience. 


​We value your trust

In 2015 Thodoris and Elena Economaki participated  to the founding team of the Greek Hair Donation Association, creating the foundations to set up a strong mechanism where it will help to realize the Purpose and Values of the club to contribute and help every child who needs it. 

At Ikonomakis, in the context of corporate social responsibility, we create actions and participate by actively supporting.

The purpose of the Association is achieved by creating wigs, which are available for FREE to children and adolescents who need it to help their psychology and pass this stage as painlessly as possible. 

Today, a very capable team has taken over under the chairmanship of Sotiris Vassilas, one of the founding members of the association and we remain as founding members, having an advisory role, strengthening every action of the association!

Thank you very much for your participation together we can do more.



The important contribution of all the volunteers is the driving force of the Hair Donation campaign for children and people with cancer and alopecia. All our effort is based on the voluntary contribution of all the Founders and members of the Campaign. But we can not make our effort a reality on our own. We need you next to us. That is why we are looking for volunteers who will embrace our dream and together we will be able to give smiles to children who really need it. If you think you can help us, follow the instructions and apply to become a volunteer in the first Hair Donation campaign for children with cancer and alopecia in Greece.

Contact info

Vol. Dodecanese 28, Rhodes, 85132

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