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Nanocure Hybrid Lisse

New Hybrid Straightening Keratin 4 in 1


The first hybrid keratin straightening that combines keratin technology with herbal straightening and offers better results than any other straightening treatment. The Absolute Straightening Treatment with intense shine and softness, which at the same time repairs chronic damage from technical work.

The new innovative hybrid composition of Keratin Nanocure® Hybrid Lisse includes keratin amino acids, hydrolyzed collagen, whey protein, a mixture of special oils and vitamin E ...

where it covers all the needs for reconstruction, nutrition and hydration in a single service ...

while its anti-yellow formula neutralizes all unwanted shades.

Keratin Nanocure® Hybrid Lisse

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  • Hybrid of straightening therapy with acid and keratin technology.

  • It is vegetable.

  • No odors or fumes.

  • Allows painting on the same day.

  • There is no waiting for the first shampoo.

  • It is not affected by chlorine or salt.

  • Suitable even for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children.

  • Reacts to disulfide bonds with anatomical and moisturizing properties, while forming a protective microfilm in the outer cortex of the hair.

  • Grinding, Reconstruction, Nourishment, Hydration.

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4 in 1
Hybrid Straightening Keratin

Absolute Straightening



Repair of Damage from technical works

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 Do you want to get the hair of your dreams by doing Nanocure Hybrid Lisse treatment?
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  • Service application time: 3.5 hours
  • Duration of result: Semi-permanent 4-6 months, gradually remove from the hair and the natural texture returns. 
  • Service value: 200 euros
Discount policy
  • For a discount on the 1st visit, enter the code '' 20 '' at your appointment to have a -20% discount to get to know our services.  
  • ​ If you are already our customer enter the code '' 15 '' to benefit -15% discount through On Line Booking
  • Student discount -20%   by displaying a 20S student pass at each visit.
  • Discounts are NOT combined with each other, only one discount option is always valid. 
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