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The technology behind the K18

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After a decade of detailed research and examination of all the amino acid sequences present in the keratin genome, which composes human hair, we have discovered a unique sequence that restores damaged hair to its normal and healthy form. This is K18 Peptide.

more products does not mean better hair quality

hair does not need many products

the wear must not remain permanent


The science is complex but here you will find all the necessary information about the innovation of K18 products and how it restores damaged hair back to its original, healthy state.  

When hair wears out, the polypeptide chains (keratin chains) that make up the inside of the hair begin to weaken and break. In fact, there are billions of keratin chains in a single hair. If, however, these keratin chains wear out, then the structure of the hair becomes weak resulting in it losing its strength, elasticity, strength and shine.


The discovery

Our answer to damaged hair? The K18 Peptide. Traveling through the inner layers of the hair to reach the core of the polypeptide chains (keratin chains), the innovative K18 Peptide has the right size and the necessary composition to penetrate and reconnect the broken chains.

And because the peptide achieves many goals with a single action, as a result of reconnecting these bonds, it can also reconstitute the dissolved disulfide bonds that may be present in the hair.



Our peptide utilizes biomimetic technology to act. Biomimetic is the science that deals with the application of what you learn through observation and imitation of nature. By mimicking the natural structure of keratin walls, our K18 bioactive peptide is recognized as a natural product by our hair.

It does not need rinsing with water or shampoo like the other classic hair bonding products, thus making the K18 an innovative and long-lasting product for damaged hair.




Thanks to the deep restoration and reconstruction of the internal structure of the hair, the K18 products restore the strength, softness, vitality and shine that were missing from the damaged hair. And as we mentioned ... they only need 4 minutes to act.


 Do you want to get the hair of your dreams by doing K18 treatment?
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  • Service application time: 4-8 minutes
  • Duration of effect: more than 1 month in individual treatment
  • Total hair regrowth in  in 6 sessions. 
  • Service value: 60 euros
  • Optional complete package of 6 sessions provides 33% discount 
  • (Two FREE treatments with the pre-purchase of the package)  


   Discount policy
  • For a discount on the 1st visit, enter the code '' 20 '' at your appointment to have a -20% discount to get to know our services.  
  • ​ If you are already our customer enter the code '' 15 '' to benefit -15% discount through On Line Booking
  • Student discount -20%   by displaying a 20S student pass at each visit.
  • Discounts are NOT combined with each other, only one discount option is always valid. 
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